Reclaiming the Erotic

In our society we have often over-looked our erotic nature. It’s suppressed in one area (many people are still ashamed to have natural, open conversations about sex) and sensationalised in another (just look at the explosion of high speed internet porn).

But sex is where we all came from (as hard as it is to believe our parents did it!) and erotic energy is our birthright.

In many ancient traditions – from Tantra to Kabbalah  – sexual energy was celebrated as a source of creativity and power.

You know that spring you have in your step when you’ve had a really special sensual experience? The kind that makes you glow and people wonder what you’ve been up to? That’s your erotic energy overflowing.

When you’re in touch with your erotic energy, suddenly you get inspired ideas, new solutions pop up for old problems, and life just seems to be in the flow.

In days of old (and I mean way, way back before Christianity), whores were seen as sacred “joy bringers”- connecting human beings to divine inspiration and power through sex. Sadly, society has lost this vibrant and virtuous relationship to sexuality and sacred prostitution.

But all is not lost. There is a huge rebirth of interest in sacred sexuality and a growing awareness that sex is not just what we do in between the sheets but intimately tied to our creativity, power and sense of wellbeing.

Every moment there is an opportunity to re-discover ourselves through sex in a new way. This can best be done by bringing consciousness to our pleasure. Rather than escaping off into fantasy, become completely present with the sensations in your body. Rather than doing things the same old way, see what difference a change of position can make (especially when self-pleasuring (masturbating) this can make a massive shift in the experience). Open your eyes and gaze into those of your partner for deep and beautiful intimacy. Allow yourself to move your body and make sounds and notice how much energy and vitality floods through your body.

Awaking and playing with our erotic energy is life-enhancing and joyful. So reclaim your erotic nature today!!!