Tantric Massage

Allow yourself to be honoured as a man and enlivened as a human being through Tantric touch. For a man, to relax into receiving rather than feeling the pressure of giving or doing, can be a liberating journey into surrender. This massage celebrates the whole body, including the lingam (penis), in its aliveness and divinity. Using conscious touch, a variety of strokes and sensations, and breath, I will guide you towards deep presence and full body bliss.

Touch is one-way, from me to you, in order that you have the opportunity to go deeply into yourself during the experience.

“This lady is the real deal. Previously, I had thought of Tantric massage as being a general term for sensual massage of variable quality leading up to the inevitable climax. However, my visit to Tara showed things in a very different light. I opted for the 2 hour Tantric Ritual. I was curious to see how a lady could keep me entertained for a whole two hours with me just being a recipient. What I experienced was astonishing. Tara herself is an attractive woman with a great smile which got us off to a good start. She is professional and inspires confidence so I was able to relax. I won’t spoil things for others by detailing exactly what went on but a combination of massage, breathing, intimate (but not sexual) contact and some laughter left me experiencing an amazing body awareness. The finale when it came was like nothing I had ever experienced before.”

120 mins – £250
Longer sessions available on request.