Erotic Education

Would you love to know how to drive a woman wild? Perhaps you have been out of a relationship for some time and feeling a bit rusty. Or perhaps you would like to extend your erotic repertoire to discover some new skills?

Wherever you are at, I have something to teach you. With literally hours and hours of content up my sleeves, this session is bespoke to your needs. Highly experiential and hands on, there is lots of sensual fun for us both. You will leave feeling confident and walking on air.

I have learned so much about the art of loving and being loved during my time with you. It is truly never too late to learn and, well, it is all such loving bliss!

Thank you so much for your kindness and wisdom. No words can really express how our meeting made me feel. I have never felt so connected and alive. The sharing with you is so special.


How to be the best lover ever

In my (extremely vast) experience of love-making, I’ve noticed one very common problem that men have – they approach sex from a man’s perspective rather than understanding sex from a women’s perspective*

Women and men are wired differently so need different things. I give you the woman’s perspective on how to give her incredible pleasure and achieve great satisfaction and enjoyment while doing it. Possible areas of exploration include:

  • Kissing – how to make her completely weak at the knees
  • Consent & communication – how to know that she really wants you
  • Erogenous zones you didn’t know she had and how to activate them
  • Awakening a woman’s arousal – and why it’s completely different from a man’s
  • The tantric perspective on masculine/feminine polarity and how to use this to your advantage
  • How to open a woman’s heart through touching her breasts
  • Erotic massage techniques – How to drop performance anxiety and be totally present to the moment
  • Awesome techniques for pleasuring a pussy
  • Mind-blowing oral sex
  • Driving her wild with anal play
  • Best love-making positions for you – and for her
  • The one thing a woman wants to hear more than anything else

I recommend that you choose two or three things from the above list (or add your own?) for us to focus on during our time together.

Most men who have booked this session request it again as they got so much out of it, they want more!

*Of course women do this to men too but that’s a whole other conversation

120 mins – £250
Longer sessions available on request at an additional £120 per hour.