Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions I get asked the most.


When are you available?
Appointments are offered between midday and 8pm, Tuesday to Thursday.

Appointments on Mondays and Fridays, or earlier in the day, may be possible from time to time. Saturday and Sunday appointments are not possible and I am usually offline over the weekend. Having a good work/life balance is so essential and ensures I keep loving what I do.

ADVANCE BOOKING (preferably 48 hours) is essential for all appointments. Most of my clients book weeks and months in advance to ensure a meeting at their desired time. I appreciate the company of those who are respectful of my time.

Are you available today?
Same day appointments are not possible. I just don’t work like that. I like to build a connection with someone before meeting and this takes time.
Why are you only offering appointments Tuesday to Thursday these days?
As many of you know, in addition to my private offerings, I also travel and teach. My time is becoming more and more in demand, and it’s essential that I also have time for myself. Therefore currently I am only offering appointments Tuesday to Thursday.
How do I book you?
Firstly please take a good look at my website and find out more about me. Then…. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT…. check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling.

If you’re tingling with anticipation, palpitating with delight, sensing that “Yes finally!” you have found that elusive someone who can really give you the sexual and sensual experiences you have longed for… then get in touch!

If you are bored or baffled by my website, then I’m probably not the woman for you.

If it feels right (or intriguing or different or fun!), the next step is to send me a message. It’s very helpful if you can tell me what you would like to experience, when you would like to meet (date and time), for how long, and where you would like to meet (you come to me or I come to you), and which location you are in (as I am in London and North Somerset). Yes I know it’s a quite a bit of information, but it will save a lot of emails in the long run. Thanks.

If we are going to embark on an erotic encounter together, then I will want to get to know you before confirming a connection. We will usually have a telephone chat to see how our desires and expectations align.

Can I book without paying the deposit?
The simple answer is “no”. I like to build relationships of trust with my client friends and the payment of a deposit demonstrates that you are sincere about meeting. There are different ways to pay the deposit – online and offline. Booking in advance ensures there is time for the deposit to be arranged. Deposits are non-refundable within one week of your appointment. However, I do understand that life happens and will always be flexible with changing your appointment where I can be.
What happens if I can't make my appointment? What's your policy on cancellations?
My time is precious, and I appreciate that yours it too. Some times things just come up and life gets in the way. When this is communicated promptly and with courtesy, you will find me very accommodating. With sufficient notice (minimum 72 hours) I am happy to rollover your deposit and arrange your appointment to another date/time within two weeks of the original booking (or a month in London). Less than 72 hours notice, your deposit is non-transferable. Deposits are non-refundable unless under exceptional circumstances, or if I cancel the booking.
Your email auto-response says you are 'Fully Booked'. How many people do you see each day?
At home I prefer to only see one client per day. Sometimes two depending on who the client is (e.g. my regular visitors take priority) and what people are seeking.

When I’m in London, my time is in high demand so I may have three appointments each day (morning, afternoon and evening).

I prefer not to over-book my time so I regularly do not take any more appointments in a week. That’s why it’s best to book in advance!

Do you offer shorter appointments?
True sensuality simply cannot be rushed. My preference is for appointments of 2-3 hours so that we can relax and really enjoy one another’s company – and bodies.

Can I phone you?
I prefer to receive communications by email in the first instance. I used to publicise my number in a local directory and received many calls from people who didn’t understand what I offer, asked lots of questions rather than reading my website, then didn’t book! As you can imagine it was quite time-consuming and annoying. In order that I keep loving what I do, I favour written communication. If someone can take the time to message me and tell me their expectations and desires then they are more likely to be someone I want to connect with.

Once you have made initial contact by email, we will arrange a telephone chat to discuss your desires further.

Could you send me a face photograph?
For privacy reasons I do not send people photographs. Please do not ask.
Is there nudity in the Tantric massage?
It is usual for both you and I will be naked during the massage. I am at ease in my body and it feels right to offer massage from this place of natural sensuality and innocence.

Can I shower at your place?
There are a shower facilities at my London apartment. Please note that shower time is also within the session time. It’s ideal that you arrive clean and fresh so it doesn’t eat into your time receiving loving touch.

Unfortunately there is not a shower at my home in the South West; which is where I spend most of my time! However, there is a toilet with wash facilities and I can give you a wipe down with baby wipes and a towel.

What kind of oil do you use for massage?
I use organic coconut oil which feels silky, is good for your skin, and tastes yummy should I decide to nibble you! I use an organic refined coconut oil so there is no fragrance. If you would prefer something else (e.g. I can massage you with corn starch powder rather than oil), please let me know in advance.

Do you do anal/prostate massage?
If this is something you enjoy or are curious to explore then I am happy to offer. I have initiated many an “anal virgin” into the pleasures of the ass. It is not an automatic feature of the massage, and I would never embark on this without consent. I may offer anal massage to you you during our session if it feels appropriate.

Can I touch you in the Tantric massage?
During Tantric massage, you are invited to fully receive the experience without pressure to perform or initiate. The desire to touch can often be a distraction from really being with one’s own energy. In a Tantric massage you are guided to release external distractions and focus on the energy building from within.

I appreciate that for many men there is a desire to give as much as receive. In which case, please consider my Tantric Eros or Erotic Encounter offerings.

What are your boundaries?
Why thank you for asking! First and foremost, I never make promises around specific SERVICES. With me you are investing in an EXPERIENCE of love, sensuality, intimacy, pleasure, spirituality, self-expression, play, fun and a whole lot more besides. Just read my feedback in About Me to see the extraordinary experiences people have had in my company.

I am a woman, therefore I like to be treated with respect and love. If you approach me in this way then a lot is possible within our sessions (and within the parameters of the type of session you have booked).

My primary boundary is around penetrative sex.

There are a few other things that I definitely do not engage with:
CIM – 
Soft or hard sports i.e. anything involving wee or poo
Latex/PVC or uniforms – just not my style

Do you offer penetrative sex?
No, this is one of my boundaries.

I have a rather unusual fantasy/request/problem/situation, can you help me?
My passion and mission in life is to support people in the fullest expression of their sensual and sexual selves. Asking for what you really want or seeking help for a sexual challenge can be a really big step. So I honour your desire and your situation, and applaud your courage in voicing it. So ask me!

If your request is not within my scope, then maybe I will know someone better suited to your particular requirements. If it feels right for us to connect, then it could be the beginning of a beautiful journey.


If you have read to the end of these FAQs then you are exactly the kind of client I appreciate connecting with. Be sure to mention this in your introductory message for an extra warm welcome.