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If you enjoy having love lavished on you

then I’m the woman for you.

Exceptionally sensual and tantalising,

I adore caring for your needs.


With the face of an angel and the body of a strumpet, I am passionate, playful and pure of heart. I have a voluptuous, curvy figure, with a body that is highly responsive to pleasure. My deep green-blue eyes have been known to mesmerise.

Sexuality isn’t just my profession, it’s my passion. Trained in the erotic arts of Tantra, I can take you to higher heights of pleasure than you ever thought possible.

Explore my pages, find out about me, and then get in touch to see how I can fulfill your heart’s desires…

Look forward to loving you real soon.



Feedback & Testimonials

What my wonderful clients say about me…


Thank you so much for your kindness and wisdom. No words can really express how our meeting made me feel. I have never felt so connected and alive. The sharing with you is so special. I want to continue learning under your guidance.

“You are an exceptional woman, a woman from tip to toe. I liked every moment with you and I enjoyed every touch. You led the appointment very smoothly and made me feel as if we know each other since ages. Again thank you so much for giving me some of your time and sharing with me a glimpse of your existence. I hope that I can have another chance to meet you again in the near future.”

“Immense waves of sensuality and eroticism delivered to perfection by a stunning and intelligent young lady!”

“Tara is a delight to be with; she has unique magical properties which are difficult to describe unless you experience her in the flesh. She is a great listener, a tender lover and capable of taking you to places you didn’t know existed if you open yourself to her. A gem to be treasured.”

“A wonderfully blissful time spent at the expert hands of Tara. An experience to be cherished”

“Wonderful afternoon with a very, very sensual woman. Highly recommended”

“An amazing couple of hours with a lady who truly knows her calling”

“Sublime! We worked through a delicious fantasy together which Tara guided with great flair, skill and sensitivity. Yet another beautiful, blissful experience!”

“Above the ordinary. Deeply relaxing sensuality delivered with kindness”

“The most exhilarating massage session with an all-woman woman, beautiful in every way”

“Tara did what it says on the tin: the encounter left me breathless… with my body tingling all over…  and I have never felt so loved.  Tara’s intelligence and wonderful personality will enable her to connect with you in a space of love and honouring, where she oozes sensuality, passion and intimacy.  The manner in which our mutual erotic appreciation was performed meant that the fears I had, and challenges I felt, melted away as a result of her loving touch.  Tara is wonderfully tactile.  I’m ready to die, now!  Thank you, Tara.”

“Another beautiful and joyous connection of mind, body and spirit, oozing with love, laughter, passion, tenderness, earthiness, intrigue and adventure! Blissimo”

“I had a very pleasurable, sensual and intimate time with Tara – she’s a lovely lady and very skilled at what she does. Highly recommended. Thank you again Tara!”

“Amazing truly beautiful lady, inside and out. Words are not enough, loving, joyful, sensual…absolute bliss!”

“Sexy, sensual, highly skilled, loving, spiritually awake and courteous. One of the best sensual experiences of my life. Thank you Tara.”

“I’m still up in the air.  The session was wonderful – all my senses were intertwined with yours in a kind of magical sensual connection.  You have a wonderfully expressive face with captivating eyes, and an amazing way of touching my mind through my body.”

“Another deeply emotional, erotic and nurturing encounter – an exquisite bathing ritual ending with some beautiful sexual devotion on the futon. Pure bliss!”

“This lady is the real deal. Previously, I had thought of Tantric massage as being a general term for sensual massage of variable quality leading up to the inevitable climax. However, my visit to Tara showed things in a very different light. I opted for the 2 hour Tantric Ritual. I was curious to see how a lady could keep me entertained for a whole two hours with me just being a recipient.  What I experienced was astonishing.  Tara herself is an attractive woman with a great smile which got us off to a good start.  She is professional and inspires confidence so I was able to relax. I won’t spoil things for others by detailing exactly what went on but a combination of massage, breathing,  intimate (but not sexual) contact and some laughter left me experiencing an amazing body awareness. The finale when it came was like nothing I had ever experienced before.”

“Fantastic Tara is a sensuous intuitive woman who immediately put me at ease. I will definitely be back for more”

“Tara reconnected me with my sexual passion – a side of me I haven’t felt for years and thought I would never experience again. Truly transformational!”

“Oh Boy! Phew! Tara was sensational. Tara obviously loves what she does and it shows. Great experience and highly recommended. Sensuality at its very best!”

“Tara is the embodiment of universal love, human compassion and vibrant female sexuality.So open your heart, reveal your frailties and prepare to be healed.”

“It’s so lovely and exciting being with you in a state of intimacy and sexual freedom.You seem to combine eroticism, genuine affection and wholesomeness in a very rare and precious mixture.”

“Tara is more than a masseuse: her hands move in such a divine way that pleasure is brought to a rare celestial level. She is very kind and welcoming in every single aspect and most importantly she is a genuine worshiper of the phallus…”

“We went to visit Tara in Bristol and from the moment we saw her and helped her out of her flattering dress we were immersed in a world of sensual touch ritual and pleasure. To witness my partners intense delight at Tara’s hands was memorable as was the feeling of two women pleasuring me. It was sheer “Bliss” we will be back. ” – Chris & Karen

“Lovely and very sexy lady. Walked me through a mild tie & tease session with wonderful tantric-ish ending. Great personality too. Will be back.”

“Incredible time with an incredibly classy, sexy woman who I just love – more please!!”

“A warm, joyful responsive lover with an open heart”

“Hot, sexy, passionate, intelligent, the sensual erotic and spiritual massage was out of this world. Thank you Tara”

“My third visit to Tara, and I’m running out of superlatives. Another memorable experience with a highly skilled lover and a delightful & affectionate woman.”

“Could Tara be the perfect love goddess? Giving, spiritual, intelligent, beautifully natural and voluptuous in a classic art sense. An hour is simply not enough.”

“Another wonderful meeting with Tara, a truly exceptional spirit and a dream lover.”

“A fantastic start to a beautiful day. I felt connected and in tune. Thank you very much for such an erotic, nurturing time”

“A nice long and sensual afternoon spent in Tara’s lovely company. Remember not to get carried away and let her finish her tender and rather fantastic massage”

“Tara blew my mind from the moment she opened the door – just WOW!!!!”

“Tara – It’s like I’ve known you my whole life. Sensual, sexy and in tune with each other. You are so lovely. I’m so glad we met again.”

“Tara is amazing – loving, sensual, spiritual and incredibly sexy. Every time I see her is a new and more intense experience”

“My second meeting with wonderful Tara. A beautiful woman giving a beautiful experience”

“Tara is passionate, fun, gorgeous, and mindblowing!”

“Amazingly sensual and erotic time. Tara is one beautiful lady, inside and out. Thank you”

“Wow what a wonderful time spent with the lovely Tara. So relaxing and so sensual, so want it to happen it again soon”

“The epitome of sensual tantric delights. She holds nothing back and makes you feel so special. Words cannot describe the loving she provides! Wow! Speechless!”

“Truly wonderful session of intimacy and passion with Tara. Thank you so much”

“Tara is such a talented lover, and the personal touch is much appreciated. Our time was both passionate and relaxing, and all that I could have wanted.”

“Like the finest wine, the most beautiful painting and the most delicate orchid, Tara must he appreciated, savoured and never forgotten”

“My time with Tara flew by… she is a passionate lover and a wonderful person. Would highly recommend.”

“Sensual, erotic, loving, breathtaking, caressing, intense, touching, electric, explosive, passionate, awakening, PERFECT….our time was all these and more”

“Had a great time with Tara. She is beautiful, sensual and was 100% there for me. Can’t wait to meet her again.”

“Tara is gorgeous, almost ethereal, and delivers a very different experience, just beautiful”

“Superb. Tara visited me in my hotel room for an hour of good company, relaxing massage and an earth shattering finish for me.”

“Great communications, nicely equipped apartment, perfect delivery. Just perfect.”

“A truly talented professional. Sensual and personal and very very satisfying. What a fabulous evening. Bliss.”

“Pure pleasure with sustained & intense sexual highs. Tara is a wonderful lover: highly skilled & very responsive. Excellent communication.”

“Tara’s a sensation, she left me a happy, delirious wreck for the remainder of the day. Nobody will take your pleasures or desires as seriously as her”

“A highly tactile, sensual & passionate GFE with the spiritual & generous Tara”

“I’ve rarely had such a hot date! Tara is totally welcoming and lovely. Not to be missed.”

“I had a fantastic time with Tara, who made sure that I was totally pleasured. She is an amazing woman … intelligent, beautiful, sexy. Recommended! “

“Very sensual and sympathique. Clever and warm and understanding too. Thank you Tara!”

“The best you will find!! If you’re looking for an erotic, fun, friendly and ultimately mind-blowing time, LOOK NO FURTHER”

“Pure Woman, Pure Lady, Pure Whore. I could fall in love with the wonderful lady. I WILL see her again. A true connection. She is a natural beauty, seductive!”

“A wonderful sensual afternoon of fun, frollicking and fantasy. Pure bliss!”

“Absolutely wonderful experience with a beautiful, sensual woman. I’ll definitely return”

“From initial comms to the actual meeting, you will find Tara a wonderful, genuine and open minded person with so much energy and passion!”

“I’ve met a few women in my time, one way and another, but this was a special and exceptional experience, intense, playful, emotional and fun all at the same time.”

“I’ve been thinking of our time together yesterday, and I realised what it was I wanted to say, but couldn’t before find the words. It was your complete generosity of spirit that touched me most. I really felt that you put all of yourself into our lovemaking. It was truly special.”

“Wow, treated me as her lover and just melted into my arms, Tara is a very special person and simply a joy to be with.”

“Warm, sensual, loving lady who makes you feel at ease and is wonderful to be with.”

“I wanted to thank you again for such a memorable evening. I was feeling quite nervous in the day but when it came to being with you, I felt at ease, pampered and cared. I feel I was able to let myself go with you and for us to share the connection whilst exploring each other.”

“Absolutely fantastic lady who put me completely at ease. Incredible touch. I think this is the start of a fantastic journey.”

“I’m still struggling for the words to describe last night’s encounter. Blissful? Spiritual? Heavenly? All these are under statements. It was perfection.”