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Imagine an encounter with a woman

that leaves you breathless…

My name is Tara Bliss and loving you is my life mission. I offer exquisite erotic encounters for discerning gentlemen.

Trained in the Tantric temple arts, I can take you to heaven and back again. Your body is tingling all over, your heart is pumping… you have never felt so loved, so worshipped, so adored…. so unbelievably alive!

Being a man in this day and age is kind of tough. Work can be hard, home can be challenging, family and friends can be demanding. Imagine there was a place you could go, a woman you could meet, who could give you a moment of sanctuary. Cherishing you as the amazing man you are. Nourishing your every need so that you can face the world again.

Our journey may take many different paths….

  • be honoured with Tantric massage
  • surrender to sensual domination
  • expand your skills as a lover
  • share cherished moments of intimacy with a heart-centred woman

Where do you want to go?
Please peruse my website and feast your eyes on the menu of ‘Offerings‘. The ‘Where and When‘ page gives details of locations (London and North Somerset) and availability.

If you’re ready to experience pleasure beyond what you thought was possible, do get in touch. I look forward to fulfilling your desires…

Big love,
Tara x

“Tara seems to combine eroticism, genuine affection and wholesomeness in a very rare and precious mixture”


It is my desire to offer a sensual encounter

rather than list of services.

Please see the below ‘menu’ of offerings for your consideration…


Tantric Massage

Allow yourself to be honoured as a man and enlivened as a human being through Tantric touch. For a man, to relax into receiving rather than feeling the pressure of giving or doing, can be a liberating journey into surrender. This massage celebrates the whole body…

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Tantric Eros

Have you longed to experience the ecstasy of Tantric sexuality? In this session I guide you into the secrets of Tantric love-making (please note, no penetrative sex but there are many other dimensions to love-making!) Touch flows between us, under my guidance.…

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Dark Eros

Are you ready to go deeper into surrender? The thought of relinquishing power and control to a beautiful woman is very arousing for many men. It is my honour to have initiated many men into the pleasures of surrender through ‘tie and tease’ and sensual domination…

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Erotic Encounters

Erotic encounters are bespoke liaisons based on your unique desires and longings. They may include kissing and caressing, intimacy and sensuality, oral pleasure and orgasms… Perhaps there some aspect of your sexuality that you wish to explore; something you…

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Erotic Education

Would you love to know how to drive a woman wild? Perhaps you have been out of a relationship for some time and feeling a bit rusty. Or perhaps you would like to extend your erotic repertoire to discover some new skills? Wherever you are at, I have something…

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For Women and Couples

For the woman curious to experience pleasure from another woman, or the couple seeking a little spice in their relationship. I offer unique and unforgettable experiences bespoke to your desires and longings to explore the most fulfilling erotic experience for you…

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“Could Tara be the perfect love goddess?

Giving, spiritual, intelligent, beautifully natural and voluptuous in a classic art sense”

Meet | Me

If you would like to connect with me,

please contact me by email at


Please tell me something about yourself and your desires and hopes for our meeting. The more you share with me in the beginning, the more likely I am to want to meet with you. I appreciate those who are seeking an intimate experience over those just looking for a quick thrill.

It’s also very helpful to know when you would like to meet (date and time), for how long, and the location of where you would like to meet. I know it’s quite a lot of info but it does save many emails in the long run.

For longer liaisons, we may have a telephone chat to see how our desires align before meeting.

Same day appointments are not possible; except for friends with whom I have met with previously and have built a good rapport. If you are a new friend, then the anticipation will make our meeting all the sweeter…

Please note I request a deposit to secure your appointment.

Big love,
Tara x

“Tara has unique magical properties which are difficult to describe unless you experience her in the flesh”

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 “Amazing truly beautiful lady, inside and out. Words are not enough, loving, joyful, sensual… absolute bliss!”