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Make My Heart Sing

A smile plays upon my lips and there is a warm glow in my heart as I hang up the phone. What a delightful man!

This was the first conversation with a potential new client. Such a wonderful way to begin the new year. Fresh back from my “sabbatical” it warms my heart to know that such lovely men are out there in the world seeking my loving offerings.

I knew right from the start that this gentleman would be someone with whom I would “click”. How did I know? Well it’s all in the first impressions.

I receive a large number of requests for my precious time, loving energy, and erotic expertise. Over the last 5 years I have developed a very simple criteria for deciding with whom I will spend my time… When I read a message of introduction – does it make my heart sing, or make my heart sink?

Things that make my heart sing:
– being addressed by my name
– being introduced to the person contacting me
– writing in full sentences with good grammar
– someone who is polite and courteous
– someone who takes the time to tell me about themselves and their hopes and desires for a meeting
– someone who demonstrates that they have read my website and understand my offerings

Things that make my heart sink:
– being addressed as ‘baby’, ‘honey’ or some other cringey term
– anonymity; i.e. someone who doesn’t share their name
– writing in “text speak” and poor grammar
– cut and paste messages that are obviously being sent to multiple practitioners (yes I really can tell)
– being asked for things that I do not offer
– messages that say “when u available?”

Truth be told it’s those “heart sink” emails that are the most challenging part of my work. But once I have filtered through the folks that I know are just not right for me, the clients I meet are pure gold. Thank you for being part of my life.

It’s very easy to make me happy. And when I’m happy, my heart opens. And when my heart opens, my body follows. And that is a joy for me and you.

The Year of Eros

If you had to say one word that encapsulates your vision and mission for 2014, what would it be? Mine is ‘Eros’.

This word, from which ‘erotic’ is derived, is one of the four words in Ancient Greek denoting ‘love’. Eros refers to specifically to ‘intimate love’. When we connect with erotic energy we are not only connecting to sexuality (as we think of eroticism these days) but also love and intimacy.

This is exactly what I share with my clients. When you spend time with me you get lashings of love and oodles of intimacy along with your tantalising erotic experience.

Back from my adventures in India, I’m excited about the new year and what it holds. Looking forward to sharing many erotic escapades and ecstatic encounters with you!